our design process

Initial consultation meetings are used to determine project preferences and requirements, conduct an initial design study and take field measurements as necessary.
• Project familiarization
• Initial meeting
• Learn about your business
• Learn about the space
• Discuss construction options

During this phase we delve into our clients unique desire and needs.
• Learn the goals of your organization
• Dive deeper into your day to day life
• Understand administrative functional details

This phase is where we start designing the lay out your space.
• Organize and reorganize to meet your requirements
• Look at your space from all angles
• Present options
• Establish a final plan

Design development is how we transform your vision for your space into a unique design plan.
• Develop a strong starting point or vision
• Take inspiration from your organization
• Devise a design concept

• Create well thought out construction drawings and specifications
• Coordinate with project engineering consultants
• Communicate with the client for understanding and approval
• Prepare the necessary materials required for a building permit and construction bidding

We will work with the construction team to resolve any issues that may arise during construction.
• Communicate with client and general contractor
• Attend weekly construction meetings
• Trouble-shoot and provide solutions
• Review shop drawings and submittals
• Visit the site to inspect completed work
• Follow-up documentation as required

Center Street Architects strives for the most comfortable, enjoyable, and transparent design experience possible. It is our goal to continue to provide the best service possible to our clients. We value open communication and honest feedback.